PhD. Student / Research Engineer in the department of Mechanical Engineering at Gazi University. (2017 / …)
Thesis subject: Investigation of Laser Polishing on surfaces of parts produced by Additive Manufacturing. Since AM products have pretty high surface roughness, it has been focused to reduce surface roughness and to increase fatigue lifetime of AM products by applying laser polishing process.
MSc. Degree: Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering in University of Greenwich (2015 / 2016)
Thesis Subject: Rapid Prototyping/Manufacturing of Product Assemblies. In order to achieve the principles and features of AM logic, subject of ‘’investigation and determination the amount of support material usage in the 3D printing process’’ had been studied.
BSc. Degree: Department of Mechanical Engineering in Cukurova University (2009 / 2014)
Research areas: Additive Manufacturing, Laser Polishing, Microstructures investigation of AM products.

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