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Mehmet Emin Badir is a senior researcher and has been working at TUBITAK Uzay for more than 6 years.
His research interests and experiences are structural and mechanical design of satellite parts, metal
additive manufacturing (SLM and FDM/FFF), topology optimization, environmental vibration testing,
structural, modal and vibration analysis by using CAE. In addition to those, his approach for novel areas
can be defined as, being welcome for topics related to additive manufacturing technologies.
He received his B.Sc. degree from the department of Mechanical Engineering at Gazi University in 2014
His undergraduate research focused on examination the air flow characterization of drone propellers
and relationship between blade form and the air flow characterization. Gathering work experience from
the industry, he has started to be interested in Additive Manufacturing technologies for achieving better
spare parts for aerospace industry. In 2017, he began studying additive manufactured components for
satellite structures, and he formed his research proposal under this topic, as being his master thesis
study. After an intense and collaborative working under Prof. Dr. Oguzhan Yilmaz’s advisory, he
successfully developed a metal AM satellite bracket produced by powders bed fusion methods
(DMLS/SLM) in 2019 The qualification process was also successfully completed which makes this unique
part ready for space flight. For more information,