Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM), or 3D printing, adding layer-upon-layer of material, whether the material is plastic, metal.



Repair Technologies

Non-conventional manufacturing processes is defined as a group of processes that remove excess material by various techniques involving mechanical, thermal, electrical or chemical energy or combinations of these energies but do not use a sharp cutting tools as it needs to be used for traditional manufacturing processes.

Generative Design

Instead of drawing a design based on what you know, you can create what you want to accomplish by generative design.

Reverse Engineering

The purpose of reverse engineering is to manufacture another object based on a physic and existing object for which 3D CAD is not available. Reverse engineering can be applied in different fields like software, electronic components, big
pieces, small pieces

Nontraditional Manufacturing Technologies

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Topology Optimization

Topology optimization, as a structural design method, is an analysis of a part that removes material that does not need.

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